Springfield weather and timber decking

Springfield’s ever-changing climate and random weather patterns give our timber decks a battering.

Did you know timber expands when it is subjected to heat? The process is known as thermal expansion and it can cause warping, swelling and potentially shrinkage.

Timber is also likely to expand in humid conditions. While excessively dry conditions can cause it to shrink.

Timber decking boards must withstand both ends of the spectrum when coping with Springfield weather, particularly in storm season. This makes maintaining your decking essential to ensure a solid lifespan.

How to look after decking

An existing deck should be cared for twice per year as standard. You can do a water test to see if your deck needs re-oiling. Drop some water on to the boards, if the water soaks in, then it is time for a service.

Lack of care for your deck can result in discoloration and warping of the timber. This can often make your deck look dirty and old – even when the deck itself is relatively new. Re-oiling it twice per year will help to maintain the color and protect the timber.

Look at the video below to see the correct way to maintain your timber deck.

Tip: Add another coat of decking oil for a glossier finish but make sure to check the weather forecast before you do. Don’t apply any decking products when rain is due.

Decking Restoration in Springfield

Poorly maintained timber decking may require a full service. However, good timber decking installers and restorators are hard to come by. We specialise in full timber decking restorations and installations in the following areas:

  • Springfield Lakes
  • Springfield
  • Brookwater
  • Augustine Heights
  • Ipswich
  • Many more…

You can see some examples of our work below:

School Deck


Our team of fully qualified carpenters have the skills and experience to restore poorly maintained timber decking to its former glory. If it cannot be saved, rest assured, we will advise on the best outcome for the situation, which in some cases, may be to install a new deck.

Take a look at these decking designs for some inspiration. Modern Decking Designs.

If you like any of them, get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll see if we can make it happen for you.

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