Common Issues for our Plumbers in Springfield

Encountering a blocked kitchen sink in Springfield is a problem that our plumbers come across all the time. As plumbing professionals, we fix the problem, nine times out of ten, within the hour.

The truth is, most of the problems we attend to could have been resolved without our involvement. If they are not tackled correctly however, they could lead to more serious drainage issues.

Our Springfield plumbers find the most common culprit for a blocked sink is food waste.

Vast amounts of scraps from washing and rinsing dishes can build up in the pipe below the waste. This can lead to problematic blockages.

Here are our suggestions on how to unblock a sink without having to call in professional help from Springfield’s best plumbing professionals.

A Slow Draining Blocked Sink

First let us tackle the slow draining blocked sink.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This low-cost solution uses two ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen cupboards. Add a couple of teaspoons of baking powder, followed by a cup of white vinegar.

When the two react, you should see some fizzing, which with any luck will force whatever is blocking the sink out of the way. After waiting for the fizzing to stop, pour boiling water down the plug to dislodge the blockage. Keep flushing with boiling water until the water flows freely.

Plunger – A plumber’s favorite tool

If your sink is still blocked, then it is time to use a plunger. The pressure of the plunger will force air down the pipe and move the block. Pick one up from Reece Plumbing in Springfield if you don’t have one.

It is possible to use the palm of your hand as an alternative. Place it over the plug hole to form a seal and push down repeatedly.

A Full Blockage

You might have a bigger issue if your sink is completely blocked, with no water able to drain. However, this is still not impossible to fix on your own so don’t call a plumber just yet.

The next step is to take the U-bend apart. Before even considering the idea of removing this, change into some old clothes. Also, equip yourself with rubber gloves, a bucket, and a towel.

Before even considering the idea of removing this, change into some old clothes. Also, equip yourself with rubber gloves, a bucket, and a towel.

Be sure to empty out as much water from the blocked sink as possible. Next, lay the towel and washing up bowl directly under the U-bend, and using the rubber gloves to grip the pipe, begin to unscrew the pipe.

Move slowly to ensure you aren’t covered with a flood of water and waste, and gently empty the contents into the bucket.

Now, use a wire coat hanger to clean out the inside of the pipe. They are a handy tool for breaking through thick blockages.

Once you are confident the block is clear, wash the U-bend with warm soapy water. Then, when it is all clean, fix the U-bend back into place.

Use plumber’s tape to make it watertight and run the tap afterwards just to make sure.

A Bigger Problem?

If there is no blockage in your U-bend, the problem may be further in your drains.

If this is the case then unfortunately you will need to call in the experts. Our team of local plumbers at RBP are based in Springfield. They are fully trained to find the cause of blockages and ensure they are cleared quickly and easily.

Give our Springfield office a call on 07 3818 2137 and we’ll get you booked in asap.

Also, if you don’t like the idea of getting your hands dirty, or you’ve tried to clear your blocked sink, but without success, then we’re here to help.

Avoiding Future Sink Blockages

Prevention is the best way to avoid a blocked kitchen sink. A plumber’s advice is to stop everything apart from liquids going down the drain.

One thing to especially avoid is grease and oil from frying pans. It tends to solidify as it enters the pipe and a build-up can easily cause a blockage.

This isn’t always possible though, so to keep your sink drains clean and clear, give your pipes a monthly service with the baking soda and vinegar technique.

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