Restrictions are easing, more and more commercial businesses in Brisbane and surrounding areas are beginning to open. What can you do to make sure your business is prepared for the restart? Preventive & Planned Maintenance is the key!

Have you been forced to close your commercial business in Brisbane due to Covid-19? Are you now thinking about opening again? Do you feel prepared?

Whether you are a restaurant owner, manage an accountancy firm or own a boutique clothing store, there are new guidelines that you will need to follow in order to provide your staff and customers with a safe working environment. A raft of business changes will make working efficiently more important than ever. Therefore, you should consider implementing a preventive maintenance plan.

What is Preventive Planned Maintenance or PPM?

Preventive or planned maintenance are tasks that need to be carried out on a regular basis, whether or not anything is broken. They are preventative measures, not necessarily repairs.

The idea is to reduce the occurrence of emergencies and the requirement for reactive maintenance. Although sometimes necessary, reactive maintenance can be a costly exercise, as it often leads to business downtime.

With preventive maintenance, you can put together a schedule of regular checks and work to be done which will help keep your property in optimum condition.

Why start a preventive maintenance plan now?

Businesses are going to feel different and operate different because of Covid-19. It is going to be a lot harder to make the margins that were targeted prior to the pandemic.

Cafes and restaurants will be affected by reduced capacity. Shops and retail stores will have strict maximum occupancy procedures. Manufacturers will have to operate with less staff on production lines. It will be harder to make money!

Any disruption or downtime will hit businesses so much harder than before. Profits will be hard enough to earn without having to deal with unexpected maintenance issues. Therefore, setting up a preventive maintenance plan has never been more relevant.

Is it cost effective?

Problems arise when companies believe a planned maintenance service is not cost effective because no issue has occurred, but it is exactly the opposite. These services are more than cost effective because the issues have been prevented before they could happen.

Take commercial properties for example. For older buildings, the entire structure needs to be looked after to maximize the economic life of the property. Small problems can soon magnify if they are ignored. Similarly, with new builds, proper planned maintenance will be required from the outset for: the property to remain in excellent condition.

Significant savings can be made by careful scheduling of tasks that can be undertaken simultaneously, so that expensive fixed costs such as scaffolding can be used to support two or more jobs instead of being repeated several times in just a few years. For instance, window cleaning could be undertaken at the same time as repainting outside walls and repairs to the roof or gutters.

Three separate call outs become one scheduled visit.

Time is reduced. Disruption is reduced. Money is saved.

How can RBP help your business?

Even though preventive and planned maintenance programmes are processes being implemented across all industries, they are particularly relevant to commercial properties. We carry out preventive maintenance plans for clients across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. These include the Australia Post facility managed by Cushman & Wakefield as well as the Surfers Paradise Police Station.

Our team at RBP have years of experience in providing Commercial Property Maintenance schedules tailored to individual customer’s needs. We can provide expert advice on which parts of your building will require regular property maintenance and when.

Our knowledge and expertise can help prevent major problems from occurring whilst minimizing disruption to your business. Our aim is to save you money!

Why not give us a call on 07 3818 2137 to discuss your requirements or use our contact form and one of team will get in touch?