What is the current situation?

The world is slowly changing back to some sort of normality. As of 2nd June 2020, Queenslander’s are being advised that we can allow up to 20 people in our homes. Boot camps and outdoor gyms are back open. We can also go for a hike and enjoy other recreational activities in National and State parks. We can even go back to the pub! (if there are 20 people or less).

But what does this mean for carrying out trade repairs in the home? Are you resisting fixing that door, or upgrading your decking due to fears over Covid-19? Is now the time to say, ‘let’s get it done!’?

The answer is yes!

How RBP can help you

Here at RBP we are adapting to this changing environment and making it safer than ever to get trade repairs and property maintenance carried out at home. We now refer to our tradespeople as ‘Contactless Contractors’.

Our team of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and handymen have all been trained to our new way of working. We are now doing the following to maintain your safety whilst we work in your home environment:

  1. Every morning, all our tradespeople are given a mini health check. This includes taking temperatures using a thermometer to ensure there are no signs of symptoms
  2. 1.5m distance from customers will always be maintained when inside the home
  3. Handshakes with customers or other occupants are not permitted
  4. Each tradie is always to carry a good supply of hand sanitiser
  5. If required, masks will be worn whilst works are completed

On top of this, our partners at Service M8 provide us with industry leading technology which ensures all jobs requests are logged, maintenance operatives are allocated, and jobs are electronically signed off and reviewed once completed. This means that no signatures are required, and we can stick to our promise of being ‘Contactless Contractors’.

How can you help us?

Keeping your property clean is an effective way of ensuring COVID-19 does not spread. Using your usual household cleaning products, clean frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails, remote controls, and tabletops. Wherever possible, wear disposable or washing-up gloves and aprons for cleaning.

In terms of applying this to a tradesperson visit, consider where that tradesperson will be spending their time while in your property and any appliances or equipment, they are likely to be touching during their work. Cleaning this area before and after their visit is good practice.

If possible, restrain from being in the same room that the work is being carried out. This makes it much easier for everyone to maintain the 1.5m distance rule, especially if the job requires more than one tradie.

If you have any questions about your trade visit, phone ahead and our team in the office will be sure to resolve any queries you may have. When we work together, we can stay on the same page and avoid any unwelcome surprises.

What if you are feeling unwell?

Of course, if you or anyone in your home are self-isolating in accordance with the latest government guidelines, we regret that we will not be able to attend your property at this time.

You can contact us if you live alone, after 7 days from the day symptoms started. If anyone you live with has symptoms, then the entire household needs to isolate, and you can contact us after 14 days from the day symptoms started.

It’s time to book in that trade repair!

Now that you have got reassurance that all work can be carried out at your home safely, why not look at our list of Residential Property Maintenance services and get in touch today!

Give us a call on 07 3818 2137 to discuss your requirements or use our contact form and one of team will get in touch.